About us

Il Fondo di Gio

for research on brain tumours

Il Fondo di Gio ONLUS is an association set up to promote research on brain tumours, in particular childhood brain tumours.

Our aim is to win the war against this devastating disease for the sake of all, adults and children, who have to face very tough battles every day.

Our weapon is the work of Researchers in Italy which is financially supported by the donations that Il Fondo di Gio ONLUS receives.

What is the added value of our weapon?
It's the Hope for victory which bears witness to the braveness, the boldness, the pride of those who lost that war, despite winning all the battles.

Scientific Committee

  • Giovanni Camporeale MSc, BrainLife.org;
  • Gaetano Finocchiaro MD;
  • Maura Massimino MD, Italian Tumour Institute IRCCS Foundation;
  • Giulio Andrea Zanazzo MD.

Board of Directors

Elisabetta Mancini Camporeale, honorary president, 20 May 1954 - 2 Mar 2012;
Gio Onlus fund for brain cancer research is honoured, and always will be, to have Elisabetta Mancini Camporeale as its honorary chairperson, as a symbol of the most vital and powerful hope.
Gio Onlus fund is deeply grateful to Elisabetta Mancini Camporeale and to Dr. Giovanni Camporeale, member of its scientific committee, for all they have done, both personally and through Brainlife, for the international community and its battle against brain cancer, and for the Italian community in particular.
Intensely close forever.
  • Francesca Kozmann Scropetta, president;
  • Lucio Scropetta: vicepresident;
  • Michele Panarella: treasurer;
  • Sara Kozmann Panarella: secretary.



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