The rainbow

Il Fondo di Gio ONLUS logo ufficiale

The logo of Fondo di Gio is the RAINBOW of Gio, Giovanni Scropetta, the 8 years old child who, a few days before going to heaven due to a brain tumor against which he fought with great courage and pride for a quarter of his life, has made this design that expresses serenity and which contains in its colourful and luminous simplicity all the FORCE of HOPE in the victory against brain tumors.

THE RAINBOW of Gio is in all the activities: in the events, primarily in the conventions; on the cards, such as greeting cards and on those that young spouses or parents on occasion of Baptism or Holy Communion or Confirmation of their children, send as “fancy-sweet-boxes” to loved ones and friends; in some sporting events sponsored by Fondo di Gio it is also on the clothing the participants wear. Finally, of course, the RAINBOW stains all the official documents of Fondo di Gio ONLUS.


Help with us research on brains tumors: on Instagram please tag your rainbows with #rainbows4research or @ilfondodigio.
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