"Because we believe that a research project always brings hope, even when the path chosen proves to be wrong"

Il Fondo di Gio ONLUS specifically supports scientific research in the field of brain tumours, in particular childhood brain tumours.

Financing goes exclusively to scientific research, in compliance with the association’s statute. We have firmly undertaken the commitment to assign all the money we receive to research and to the promotion of its results. Any other activity, such as communication, is therefore excluded.

Our communication is thus strictly "scientific" communication, aimed at reaching our supporters. It is geared to cultivate, divulgate, "advertise" the results of the research we can carry out with the donations we receive.
Our supporters follow us with conviction and satisfaction, not only because they make donations to charity, or because some of them have personally experienced what going through brain tumour means, but also because they consciously invest in a specific research project in which we believe. We explain the project to them in the best possible way, although we are just laymen, but we still perfectly understand the true potentials of that research work and where it can lead. (We can do this because our researchers have involved us in their work with passion and patience).